Ride the Bus

Ride the Bus:


  • Use a standard deck of cards.
  • Players sit in a circle.


  1. Red or Black: Dealer shows a card to a player. The player guesses if it's red or black. Wrong guess = one drink.
  2. Higher or Lower: Using the next card, the player guesses if it's higher or lower than the previous card. Wrong guess = two drinks.
  3. Inside or Outside: With another card, guess if it's between or outside the two previous cards. Wrong = three drinks.
  4. Guess the Suit: Player predicts the suit of the next card. Incorrect guess = four drinks.

If a player guesses wrongly, they start over with a new "Red or Black" card, but their drink count accumulates.

Bus Driver: After rounds, players with the most incorrect guesses "ride the bus." Cards are laid out in a line. Starting from one end, cards are flipped. If a picture card (Jack, Queen, King, or Ace) appears, the player drinks the number of sips corresponding to the card's rank (Jack = 1, Queen = 2, and so on) and adds new cards to the line. The goal is to get to the end of the line without any picture cards. If they reach the end, they're off the bus. If not, they continue until they do or decide to quit.

Remember: Always drink responsibly!

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