• Lay Drink it Deck out in a pyramid shape, starting with one card at the top, then two in the next row, three in the row after that, and so on, until you have a base row of 6 or 7 cards (depending on how challenging you want it). This will use 21 or 28 cards in total.
  • Deal the remaining cards to the players, ensuring an even number for everyone.


  1. The Pyramid Reveal: Starting with the base row, flip one card over at a time. Players holding a card of the same rank in their hand can use it to nominate someone else to take a drink. Here's the twist: the row number determines the number of drinks. So, cards in the base row equal one drink, the next row up is two drinks, and so on, with the top card being worth 6 or 7 drinks.

  2. The Strategy: Players can use cards of the same rank multiple times but might want to save them for higher rows, where they are worth more drinks. However, waiting too long can be a risk; if someone else plays the same rank from their hand first, you'll miss your chance.

  3. Bluffing: Players can try to bluff by placing down a card that doesn't match the flipped pyramid card. If another player challenges the bluff and is correct, the bluffer drinks the row's value. If the challenger is wrong, they drink double that row's value.

Winning: The game doesn't have a traditional 'winner'. It's more about the social interaction, strategy, and, of course, drinking. However, if you want to have a winner, it can be the person with the most cards left at the end.

Drink Responsibly: Always remember to enjoy Pyramid responsibly. Know your limits, ensure everyone is of legal drinking age, and never pressure anyone to drink more than they're comfortable with.

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