Irish Poker

Irish Poker Drinking Game Rules:


  • Each player is dealt four cards, which they line up in front of them, face down.


  1. Red or Black: Player guesses the colour (red or black) of their first card. If wrong, they drink; if right, they give a drink to someone.
  2. Higher or Lower: For the second card, players guess if it's higher or lower than the first. Incorrect guess = take two drinks, correct = give two drinks.
  3. In or Out: For the third card, players guess if its value falls between the values of their first two cards (In) or outside of them (Out). Wrong = take three drinks, right = give three drinks.
  4. Suit Up: Players predict the suit of their fourth card. If they're wrong, they drink four times; if right, they assign four drinks.

River: After individual guesses, the dealer places eight cards face-down in two rows of four. These are flipped one by one. If a player has a card in their original four that matches the flipped card in number, they either give or take drinks based on the row: first row = 1 drink, second row = 2 drinks.

End: The game concludes after the river. The game can be replayed or moved onto another activity.

Drink Responsibly: Ensure everyone understands their limits and is of legal drinking age.


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