Horserace Drinking Game Rules:


  • Lay out seven cards face-up in a vertical line (the "track").
  • Remaining cards are shuffled as the "deck."


  1. Betting: Players bet on one of the seven face-up cards (horses) by placing a drink on that card.
  2. Running the Race: Cards from the deck are flipped one at a time. Every time a card's suit matches a "horse," that horse moves one space forward.
  3. End: The race continues until one horse (card) has moved seven spaces, reaching the end of the track.


  • If your horse wins, you distribute the drinks you bet to other players.
  • If your horse loses, you drink the beverages you bet.


  • To increase the stakes, obstacles can be added, like "mud" spaces where a horse must get the same suit twice to move past.
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