Drunk Waiter

Drunk Waiter Card Drinking Game Rules:


  • Use a standard deck of cards.
  • Players sit in a circle or around a table.


  1. Taking Orders: Each card represents a specific "order" or drink. For instance, hearts might be wine, spades could be whiskey, and so forth. The number or face on the card indicates the amount or specific type.
  2. Serving Orders: Players take turns being the "waiter." The waiter draws a card from the deck and announces the order, like "two wines" for a 2 of hearts.
  3. Remembering Orders: After drawing several cards, the waiter must remember and repeat all the orders in sequence. For an added challenge, other players can distract or mislead the waiter.
  4. Mistakes: If the waiter makes a mistake in recalling the orders, they must drink. The number of drinks corresponds to the number of orders they forgot or mixed up.

End of the Game: The game continues until all cards have been drawn or players decide to end it. The goal is more about fun, memory challenge, and drinking rather than having a defined winner.

Remember: As always, drink responsibly!

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