Beat the Dealer

Beat the Dealer Drinking Game Rules:


  • Players sit in a circle or around a table.


  1. Dealer's Turn: One player is chosen as the initial dealer.
  2. First Guess: The player to the dealer's left tries to guess the value (not the suit) of the top card in the deck.
  3. Hot or Cold: Without revealing the card, the dealer indicates if the actual value is higher or lower than the guessed value.
  4. Second Guess: The player gets one more chance to guess the card's value.
  5. Outcome:
    • If the player's second guess is wrong, they drink the difference between their guess and the card's actual value (e.g., if they guessed 7 and it was a 10, they'd take 3 sips).
    • If the player guesses right on their first or second guess, the dealer drinks twice for a first-guess correct answer and once for a second-guess correct answer.
  6. Dealer Change: If the dealer has to drink three times in a row because of correct guesses, the role of the dealer passes to the next player.

End of the Game: There isn't a strict end point. Players can decide to end after a few rounds or when the deck is exhausted. Alternatively, the game might continue with shuffled cards.

Remember: Always drink responsibly!

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